Shauna Brittenham

Born in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter Shauna Brittenham was influenced by soul, jazz, and progressive artists such as Norah Jones, Aretha Franklin, Adele and Fiona Apple. The sultry, soulful vibe of Shauna’s voice and her powerful lyrics evoke heartfelt emotion with every note.

Although her parents divorced when she was only three, they exposed Shauna to music, art, and travel at the earliest age. Weekends in South Central LA and summers in Jamaica with her nanny exposed her to a more gritty and raw way of life. Anxious to grow up fast, Shauna left behind a tumultuous childhood and began college at age fifteen. After earning a degree in Political Science and working in the non-profit world, the singer shifted gears and began teaching kindergarten. She later studied Clinical Psychology on a graduate level.

Shauna in StudioIn her late teens, Shauna began composing a body of work that would become her signature for smoky and gorgeous music beyond her years. Honest and haunting lyrics fuse with stunning melodies to create her signature sound. Grateful for her loyal fan base in LA, Shauna is excited to share her new album “Dreamer’s Dream” with fans worldwide. The new LP features collaborations with six excellent producers and features hits such as Uh Oh, a playful song about first love, and “Imogene,” a truly bold tune that defines Shauna as an artist to watch. Her inescapable jazz roots are very present in the title track, “Dreamer’s Dream,” and the entire record takes you on an unforgettable journey.

Inspired by love and never afraid to risk, Shauna lives in Venice, California, performs live with her talented band at LA hot spots, and is available for select showcases. Her graceful style and beautiful smile welcome old and new fans alike.

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