Interview: Stephanie Summers

Stephanie Summers

Looking for a new book that has a little bite with its romance?  Check out Stephanie Summer’s 18+ Willow Creek Vampire series for a great weekend read!

Awakening#5 CoverRCPR: I’ve heard great things about your paranormal novels, The Willow Creek Vampire series.  Book 3, AWAKENING releases on December 30th.  Can you tell us a little about this series and what we can expect from AWAKENING?

Stephanie: This series takes place in the fictional town of Willow Creek, which is located somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains. Willow Creek isn’t your average small town because it has a very healthy vampire population running about. The lord of the vampires, Bastian Florien, made a deal with the town founders over two hundred years ago to protect them from other vampires and supernatural nasties in exchange for him and the vampires he congregates with to walk freely without having to hide. In order to do this, one person is chosen every ten years to live out their life with the vampires and provide sustenance to the one they’re paired with so the townspeople don’t have to worry about being attacked and fed upon. This particular series follows the current chosen one, Sabine Crowley and how she handles her situation and the budding relationship with the vampire, Remy, she’s paired with. Remy is a little bit of an ass to her at first as he’d rather be anywhere else in the world but Willow Creek. However, their relationship grows and it just takes off from there. I don’t want to spoil Awakening too much, but we find Sabine in a very broken down state and a very different Remy, one she’s not sure she can still love.

RCPR: What age range do you recommend for these books?

Stephanie: This series is definitely for the 18+ crowd.

RCPR: What inspired you to write a vampire series?

Stephanie: I have loved vampires since I was around eleven years old. One of the first grown up novels I ever read was Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. I’ve been hooked ever since then, so it seemed natural, and felt that way, too, to write about them.

RCPR: Are you more of a Twilight kind of writer, Anne Rice or a hybrid of multiple vampire themes?

Stephanie: I like to create a hybrid of vampire themes. There are so many aspects of vampires from various sources that I love, so I try to incorporate some of my favorite mythology, along with my own made up facts, into my stories.

RCPR: If you could be immortal, what do you think you would do with your life?

Stephanie: I’m not entirely sure. I think I’d just try to live life to the fullest and go wherever I wanted to go and do the things I’ve always wanted to do.

RCPR: Where is your favorite place to write?  Are you a night owl or a morning writer?

Stephanie: I’ve grown accustomed to writing with my laptop in my recliner! I need to change it up though because I’m starting to slack a little from being too relaxed. A new writing desk is definitely in my future. I can absolutely say that I am a night owl writer. I’ve always been a night owl anyway, but that seems to be when my creative juices really start to flow.

RCPR: What is the worst piece of advice you were given when starting out as an author?

Stephanie: I’ve been lucky in that I haven’t really received any bad advice. Most of the sketchy advice I’ve come across was from various articles or message boards I’ve read, and I’d say I’ve probably learned what not to do from those sources.

RCPR: Are you doing any events in 2015 where readers can come meet you in person?

Stephanie: I have four events scheduled as of now. On March 14, I’ll be appearing at Authors in the City in Myrtle Beach, SC. In May, I’m doing the Almost Heaven Book Signing in Morgantown, WV, which just happens to also be my hometown. On October 3, I’m doing the Virginia is for Romance Author Event in Richmond, VA. Finally, November 7-8, I’m doing the Rebels and Readers event in Huntington, WV.

RCPR: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Stephanie: In five years, I see myself lounging on the beach by my vacation home, contemplating my next book idea. A girl can dream, right?

RCPR: Do you have any plans to write in a new genre? If so, what?

Stephanie: Right now, I’ve only dabbled in paranormal romance, but I will be releasing a contemporary rock star romance in early 2015. I’m also interested in the thriller and mystery genres as well, so I’d love to give those a shot.

Stehpanie SummersSo what can I say here? I’m a lady who likes to cuss…a lot…like every sentence if I can get by with it, though I know how to behave myself around children and the easily offended. I’m a self-published author who never considered writing a novel until after I was 30 years old. I decided to give it a shot, and, to my surprise, people actually like my story! I have a couple other stories I’m working on and a ton of other ideas for future works. I’m a little bit sarcastic (okay, a lot sarcastic), and I like to laugh just about as much as I like to bitch about things that annoy me. Oh, and I am head over heels in love with designer shoes. That’s me in a nutshell.

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