Brian E. Howard

A native of Nebraska, Mr. Howard attended the University of Nebraska. (Ah, yes, Go Huskers!) There he received both his undergraduate and law degrees. After law school, he entered the private practice of law in the Kansas City area, which is still his home. The firm he joined specialized in civil defense litigation. However, after four years of practice, he became disillusioned with what a career as a litigation attorney would be. He made a career move.

With his wife Kathy, they took a chance in life and opened an executive search firm. They felt that by combining their skills with dogged determination they could start their firm and make-a-go of it. They were right!

Mr. Howard has a passion for the job search process and the people he interacts with. And, having consulted with thousands of job seekers over the course of his career and seeing so many of them struggle, he always felt a deep motivation and desire to help. But beyond his recruiting work, a venue to share his knowledge of the job search process just didn’t present itself.

That changed during the economic downturn of 2008 and 2009. A lot of people lost their jobs during that period and were scared about their futures. In the midst of all that, Mr. Howard volunteered to conduct a few job search seminars for his church. As a part of that shoe-string program, he created a short workbook. After the seminars were finished he started tinkering around with the workbook. And before he knew it, the short workbook was evolving. In the process, his mind caught fire and (being the former lawyer) the research into job search topics went into overdrive. He couldn’t read enough! Soon that short workbook evolved into a guide (more topics and more depth) which eventually transformed into a The Motivated Job Search. The first in a series of Motivated titled job search books. The first edition of The Motivated Job Search was released in April 2016.

A second book, The Motivated Networker was released in September 2016. The third book, Over 50 and Motivated, was released in April, 2017. The fourth book, The Motivated Job Search Workbook was also released in April, 2017 simultaneously with Over 50 and Motivated.

In the Fall of 2017, the fifth book in the series, Motivated Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles will be released.

In the Spring of 2018, the second edition of The Motivated Job Search is scheduled to be released and in the Fall of 2018 the second edition of Over 50 and Motivated is scheduled to be released

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