Danielle Bannister

Have you ever been intrigued by the idea of Twin Flames, soul mates destined to meet through each lifetime?  Check out this interview with author Danielle Bannister to see what she thinks of this phenomena.

RCPR: Tell me three things about yourself that we cannot find on the internet or in your bio?

Danielle: Wow. I’m a pretty open book…let’s see…

  1. I live in a trailer park, yah, lap of luxury here!
  2. I work non-stop. It’s crazy
  3. I don’t like raw cookie dough. (I know, how can I reveal such sacrilege)

RCPR: What hobbies and interests do you participate in when you’re not writing?

Danielle: The stage was my alter before the page, so when I can, I act. It’s harder though with small children to be gone that long, so my hubby does more of that than I do. Does wine and coffee drinking count as hobbies?

RCPR: Do you have any writing quirks or certain things you MUST have or do before beginning the writing process?

Danielle: I need to have something to drink beside me. Coffee, Gatorade, (wine)…something. I drink all the time.

RCPR: If you were plotting to take over the world, how would you do it?

Danielle: I’d take everyone’s technology hostage. I’d rule the world in a matter of hours.

RCPR: If you could make one statement that the entire planet would hear and remember, what would it be?

Danielle: Leave the Earth in a better place than you found it. Corny?

RCPR: What genre do you write and why that genre?

Danielle: NEW ADULT, probably because I LOVED my college years. It was a time when every emotion was heightened while at the same time, your responsibilities in the world were minimal. It was a very self-centered time. It’s interesting to go back and forget about some of the real world stresses!

RCPR: For those who are not yet familiar with DANIELLE, can you please give us some details about your work

pulledDanielle: I’d love to. I have written the Twin Flames Trilogy: PULLED, Book One: First Flame; PULLED BACK, Book Two: A Flame Reborn, and PULLED BACK AGAIN, Book Three: The Final Flame. I’m very clever with my titles, huh? hehe

RCPR: Do you have any new stories in the works and can you tell us a bit about it/them?

Danielle: I DO!  I’m co-author of a trilogy with author, Amy Miles. That one has been picked up by an agent and we are in the final stages of getting that manuscript out to publishers. I’m also working on another Adult Fiction novel that I’m trying to cram in there too.

RCPR: If you could describe your writing with one word or brief phrase, what would it be? Please delve into the core of your writing to tell us what word or phrase you want readers to take with them when they’ve finished reading your story.

Danielle: Reeling. Ha!  I want them to be able feel and relive that level of emotion that we all had in our early years when it seemed like the stakes were so high. I love giving readers and emotional roller coaster laced with suspense and that edge of your seat feeling. I love making readers NEED to turn that page to find out what happens next. For me, there is no higher compliment than that.

RCPR: What, in your opinion, makes your story unique and what makes it stand out from other stories in your genre?

Danielle: Well, I think the whole idea of Twin Flames is a unique story idea; the thinking that there actually IS a counterpart out there universe searching for YOU. Twin Flames are rarer and more intense than soul mates. Twin Flames are actually to haves of the same soul that can span centuries searching for their missing half. I took that idea of Twin Flames and created a world of what might happen if those two souls actually happened to meet. I think that’s pretty unique.

RCPR: If you were interviewing yourself, what is the one question you would ask yourself and please give us the answer to that question?

Danielle: Geeze…um…I guess I’d ask myself to give new writers the best bit of advice I had on writing. And the answer, of course, is to sit down and write. Not nearly as easy as it sounds though.

danielle bannisterDanielle Bannister lives with her two children in Midcoast Maine. She holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Southern Maine and her Masters degree in Literary Education from the University of Orono. Both PULLED BACK, Book 2: A Flame Reborn and PULLED BACK AGAIN, Book 3: The Final Flame, are available online. She has a collection of short stories called: SHORT SHORTS. In addition, her work can also be found in the following anthologies: 2012 Goose River Anthology, 2012 Writeous Anthology, 2013 Maine Writes: Maine National Writing Project Anthology; and, 2013 The Stroke of Midnight: A Supernatural New Year’s Anthology. She is currently working with fantasy author, Amy Miles on a new trilogy called: NETHERWORLD.

You can visit her website at:
or find her on Facebook at
or Twitter

Trailer Links

Pulled http://youtu.be/cUti8j4sWMk

Pulled Back http://youtu.be/PGEHPjAcyWk

Pulled Back Again http://youtu.be/9e10QdwMYYc

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