Discovery (The Gifted Series Book 1) By Char Webster

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All twenty-three year old Kate Sutton wants is a quiet relaxing summer after finishing her first year as a guidance counselor. School is out for the year and her swimming pool awaits, but that all changes when she is asked to help three troubled kids in the foster care system. Kate was adopted, but hasn’t been able to determine anything about her birth parents. She could have easily been placed in foster care instead of with her family. So, when she was asked to help those kids, she couldn’t turn it down.

When strange things begin to happen, Kate discovers that her foster kids are not quite what she had thought and that neither is she. Suddenly, Kate is thrust into a world where people have special gifts and she and the kids are being hunted.

Now she has to learn who she really is and keep the kids safe from discovery. A gorgeous guy keeps showing up everywhere she goes, but is he there to help her or turn her and the kids over to the ones hunting them?

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