Mark Loewen

Mark is a psychotherapist, author, and dad.
Born in Asunción, Paraguay, Mark moved to the United States to pursue his counseling career. He met the love of his life in Richmond, VA. A few years later, they became dads through open adoption.
Mark is the founder of LaunchPad Counseling, a private practice in Richmond, VA, where he coaches parents in the biggest job they will ever have: raising their kids.
Raising a girl opened Mark’s eyes even more to the unique challenges girls and women experience in today’s world. Out of his desire to support his daughter in the best way he could, Mark took to researching and learning more about raising girls, specifically. He started, a website that focuses on raising empowered girls.
His first children’s book “What Does a Princess Really Look Like?” is scheduled to release on July 1, 2018. It will be the first in the Brave Like a Girl series. The book tells the story of a girl’s journey to expand her concept of a princess. Her dads help her understand that though a girl can be anything she wants, she doesn’t need to be everything either, and she for certain doesn’t need to be perfect.

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