Partners & Friends of RCPR

RCPR is proud to announce these special Industry Partners and Friends of Red Coat PR. Each have been selected for their dedication for improving the publishing world, one author at a time.

logoGandolfo Helin Literary Management is a full-service literary and dramatic rights agency with a presence in Los Angeles, New York, Louisville, and Vancouver, Canada. We manage the development, publishing, producing, and licensing of client property including commercial fiction, non-fiction, personal memoirs, original teleplays, and screenplays. With our background in both publishing and Hollywood, we support client projects in a wide array of media possibilities from books to film. Our published authors have produced bestselling books and are recipients of multiple awards.

We look to develop and manage projects with strong potential to make an impact in not only the international publishing marketplace but in the film and television industries.

GH Literary:

  • Consults with and represents novelists, nonfiction writers, and screenwriters from initial concept through development, final draft, editing, book cover design, marketing and promotions.
  • Manages every aspect of a writer’s career to help each client make the most of their project’s potential.
  • Handles foreign and audio rights.
  • Works with co-agents at the top agencies in Hollywood, with whom regularly negotiate film and TV deals.
  • Is aligned with top merchandising/licensing agents to maximize these opportunities.
  • Assists in securing speaker’s bureau agent when applicable to help authors book speaking engagements throughout the country.
  • Consults on publicity initiatives.

*All agent requests are referral based solely.

Want to see what amazing author GH Literary Management has to offer?

Smashwords Logo
Smashwords makes it fast, free and easy to publish and distribute an ebook. Smashwords has helped over 100,000 indie authors around the world publish over 300,000 titles.  With a single upload to Smashwords, RCPR clients achieve global distribution at Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Oyster, Kobo, public libraries and other outlets. Thanks to RCPR’s close working relationship with Smashwords, many RCPR clients have been among the first to beta test and benefit from powerful new merchandising tools at Smashwords.  Learn more about Smashwords at

indtale logo picmonkeyInD’tale was conceived and developed to help all the many gifted, creative people in this industry who struggle to find a voice in a world where “traditional” just isn’t working.  They have the talent and the ambition, they just need the platform to succeed.

Each month,  InD’tale brings cutting edge information, honest, professional book reviews, interesting, and entertaining articles and educational columns to answer any questions.

Check out this great resource at:

logo5aWheelers have been supplying schools, public libraries and the general public for more than forty years.

Our website is the most comprehensive library website in New Zealand with features that help make your selection/buying easier. All available titles are profiled with stock status and availability updated daily.

We have also developed the very best proprietary systems and processes to cater to the needs of schools and libraries. These efficiencies provide cost and time benefits, helping schools and libraries to offer even better service.

Check out their site at:

AFAAs the name implies, ACTION FOR AUTISM is dedicated to helping children…and the families of children…affected by autism to assist them in the attainment of available resources and thereby improve their lives. Our organization was founded based on…


ACTION FOR AUTISM recognizes that nearly 1 in every 68 children born today will be diagnosed with autism. In addition to increasing awareness and educating people about autism, we view our mission as one of continually striving to work with individuals, families, and organizations to see that anyone with autism should, to the extent possible, receive therapies, resources, and support to help them attain their highest potential.


The founding family of ACTION FOR AUTISM has been directly impacted by varying levels of autism and recognizes how early diagnosis and the appropriate care, support, and resources can make a substantial difference in the lives of those affected by autism.


ACTION FOR AUTISM helps families attain the care, treatment, and educational support they may not otherwise be able to receive. Funds assist with cost of schooling, physical, occupational, and speech therapies; provide care and support for children and families; help parents learn how to better support and teach their child; and also help families attain other services specific to the needs of their child.



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