The Wheel: A Storm Of Our Own Making by Mark Hellman

A body found on a Manhattan sidewalk riddled with poisonous darts… A missing heart surgeon from Charleston, SC… A terrorist bombing at the Museum of Natural History… A kidnapped thirteen-year-old girl… These events will bring together two unlikely allies, Detective Moose Pederson and private investigator Alexandra Adams. Their gripping journey together will take them from the streets of New York to Washington DC and the halls of the White House itself. As the story unfolds so does Moose’s awareness of the unnaturally long and unique life he has led. His memories slowly return through dreams, visions, and encounters with people he’s somehow known before. He’ll discover that his real name is Uriel…and he is no ordinary man. And so it is, that an extraordinary man will have extraordinary enemies. Michél Broussard and his half-sister, Jordan Scheering, have battled Uriel over and over again, as angels and devils have done since the beginning of time. But now, Jordan whispers in the President’s ear as Michél plans the upcoming wars that will destroy the world as we know it. It’s up to Uriel and Alexandra to lead the fight to stop the greatest evil of all from consuming the world’s soul – and nailing it to The Wheel.

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